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Getting started

A quiet and sometimes somewhat over-creative boy. Drawing and dreaming instead of learning, thoughts in the clouds and the wildest adventure stories of a colorful fantasy world in your head. And I wanted to be a graphic designer one day. Then the music. After Elvis’ death and the incredible revival of his songs, all I wanted to do was play guitar and sing. Like the king of rock’n’roll. This never let go of me and to this day, writing songs, making music and performing in front of an interested audience is my greatest private passion. I had given up my dream job as a graphic designer.

The marketing world

“Ne dites pas à ma mère que je suis dans la publicité… elle me croit pianiste dans un bordel”, wrote Jacques Séguéla, the French star advertiser of the sixties and seventies. I, the young, now sometimes somewhat wild amateur musician, went into marketing and communication, soaking up know-how and experience like a sponge in my first jobs and with various further training courses. Gathering knowledge had suddenly become very interesting. And the critical questioning of standardized professional rules even more so! At Swisscom and in advertising and PR agencies, I had the opportunity to ask uncomfortable questions and develop promising concepts.

The Olympic sport

Swiss Olympic, the umbrella organization of Swiss sport and the National Olympic Committee, was in the process of setting up its own marketing and communications department. An exciting new task, far outside my comfort zone. I brought most of the marketing, communication and sponsorship projects as well as the protection of the Olympic rings back into the organization. The Olympic culture should not be left to external consultants with different qualifications and vested interests. I accompanied three Olympic Games as a member of the National Leadership Team.

The training system

I have been working in the education sector for many years as a lecturer, examination expert and head of communications. I was involved in the revision of the federal examination for marketing specialists and designed the corresponding training and examination concepts for the communications disciplines. As a follow-up project, I wrote the first textbook “Integrated Communication”, which was used as a reference teaching aid for the federal examinations. This was followed by two more in-depth specialist books on communication. These are revised every two years. Guest lectureships at international universities, such as in Ambon, Indonesia, broaden your own horizons.

The healthcare system

The conception and realization of the major 100-year anniversary of the Swiss Cancer League marked his entry into consulting in the healthcare sector. Today, my team and I support hospitals, healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies in strategic communication issues and training. These challenges are constantly increasing, despite ever larger and more professional communications departments on the customer side. Since 2010, we have also been organizing the Race for Life charity bike tour for the benefit of people affected by cancer and to promote cancer research in Switzerland.

And today?

Sharpening the profile, refining the portfolio: What I always strongly recommend to our clients, I also apply myself at viceversa. Our partner agencies are now responsible for advising on and implementing operational communication measures. For some time now, we have been working almost exclusively on strategic projects within the framework of workshops and the joint development of strategy projects and their conception. This in the role of planner, moderator, initiator, trainer, sparring partner and concept developer.

The facts

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> Personal

Diploma in General Management in NPOs, Université de Fribourg

Diploma in Adult Education HF

Diploma in Marketing Communications, IAA International Advertising Association, New York

Federally certified communications manager

Federally certified advertising manager

Marketing specialist with a federal diploma Specialist certificate

Consultant for integrated communication
Owner, consultant, storyteller

Swiss Olympic Association
Chief Marketing Officer, member of the Executive Board and member of the management team of the Swiss Olympic delegations

Swiss Cancer League
Head of Corporate Communications and 100th anniversary project management

Advertising agency WellCom Advertising
Consultant and consulting group leader

PR agency F+W Communications
Consultant and consulting group leader

Advertising agency Ritter Kreativ
Consultant and consulting group leader

Head of Marketing Fixed Network Telephony and Apparatus

Isofloc Switzerland
Head of Marketing, Member of the Executive Board

Rottal Auto
Head of Marketing

Project manager marketing daily newspapers Bern and trade journals

Race for Life
Organizer of the annual charity bike tour for the benefit of cancer patients and cancer research.

Compendio publishing house
Author of the reference books “Interierte Kommunikation”, “Grundlagen der Kommunikation für Marketing- und Verkaufsverantwortliche” and “Instrumente der Kommunikation für Marketing- und Verkaufsverantwortliche” published by Compendio-Verlag > Publications

allani Children’s Hospice Bern
Pro bono Consulting

Kultur am Bettrand association
Pro bono consulting

Swiss Marketing
Examiner for federal examinations for marketing specialists

External training for various NGOs

Association for the benefit of children and the community

PR Suisse
Swiss Public Relations Association SPRV, the professional association of PR and communications experts throughout Switzerland

Bernese PR Society, the Swiss professional association of public relations experts from the Bern, Fribourg and Solothurn regions

Swiss Marketing
Swiss professional and trade association for specialists in the fields of marketing and sales

Swiss Venture Club
Association for the promotion of entrepreneurship in Switzerland, in particular SMEs.

Swiss Leaders
Association for the support and guidance of committed leaders in their professional development.

Swiss Olympians
Association of former Swiss participants in the Olympic Games.

Author, storyteller, blogwriter

Songwriter, singer and guitarist. Band: Markus Aerni & Sweet Trouble

Enthusiastic traveler and cultural explorer on four continents to date

Ambitious recreational athlete. Fitness training, running and biking

Owner and keeper of the shepherd mix “Shira”

Part-time hermit with own piece of forest and hut on the Längenberg in Bern

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