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How do I give a five-minute presentation?

Give a four-minute presentation and take your time.

Or give a six- or seven-minute presentation in five minutes. Hurry up. Be excited. Exceeding the time. Being unprofessional.

No, you’d better stick to the four-minute method.

The problem is that you will never have enough time to tell us everything in enough detail. Portioning is your friend. Find out how big the plate is and serve exactly the right amount. And only them!


The art of shortening: Mastering successful five-minute presentations.

In our fast-paced world, it is important to convey information precisely and effectively. Particularly in professional life, tight time frames often lead to short presentation opportunities. But: Good presentation skills make up for a lack of time. This blog post is intended to help project managers prepare and deliver a short yet convincing presentation.

Introduction: Why five minutes is enough

It is often underestimated, but a compact five-minute presentation can be just as convincing as a longer talk – often even more so. Because brevity is the spice of life. In our attention-driven and information-flooded world, the ability to convince in a short space of time is a valuable skill.

The perfect preparation

The key to a successful five-minute presentation lies in thorough preparation. First, choose a topic that is specific enough to fit into the time available, but also general enough to interest your audience. Organize your presentation into main points that you can present clearly and comprehensibly. Then reduce the text to the essentials to get your message across.

Presentation techniques that save time

Choose images and graphics carefully to make complicated information easy and quick to understand. Pictures attract attention and can save words. Avoid reading content from the screen. Instead, use presentation software as a guide and address the audience directly. Pauses can be just as effective as words – use them consciously.

Streamline the content without losing substance

The biggest challenge is to say enough to convince the audience without falling into the trap of using too many words. Be specific and leave out generalities and superfluous information. It’s about presenting core ideas that stick and have an impact. Practice reduction: If a paragraph seems important to you, try to summarize the same content in one sentence. Be brief but concise.

The art of timing

Timing is everything in a short presentation. Practice so that you speak neither too quickly nor too slowly. A simple rule: pause where you would pause in a conversation with someone. In this way, you give your listeners the opportunity to process what you have said and demonstrate confidence.

Follow-up and feedback

After the presentation is before the presentation. Use the feedback to improve. Above all, be prepared to keep tightening your message. Even if this means that you gradually keep the essentials and cut the rest. The result will be a clear, convincing presentation that will stick in the minds of your audience.

The art of shortening is not easy, but it can be learned. With enough practice and the will to captivate the audience, five minutes can be enough to achieve a lasting effect.

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