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Communication challenges

Thought is not said, said is not heard, heard is not understood, understood is not agreed, agreed is not applied, applied is far from retained.

Konrad Lorenz, 1903-1989
Behavioral scientist & Nobel Prize winner

The atomization of today’s communication channels, the development of new forms of media use and disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence are presenting managers and teams with ever greater challenges. One thing is often lost sight of: People must remain at the center of all communication efforts. We help you to realign your perspectives and refocus on your employees and customers.

Where we see our strengths

Our consulting services


Positioning development

Your WHY: Why do you believe that your customers should satisfy their needs with your products? Why shouldn’t they look to the competition or perhaps do without these specific market services altogether? We work with you in workshops to develop your WHY so that you are firstly perceived on the market and secondly evaluated as a preferred partner.


Communication strategies

Incomplete and uncoordinated individual measures, poorly coordinated messages on different channels lead to confusion, disinterest or even rejection of your corporate and marketing communication. And that means your employees and your customers. We work with you to develop simple but effective concepts on how your messages can be optimally orchestrated. This is the only way to create a hit that inspires the audience.


Performance branding

Services, products and offers in general must be perceived and valued in order to be preferred and selected by customers. They must excel at all levels, not only in communication, but also in the fulfillment of the value proposition. We support you in bringing the “why” of your market services to life. And to turn your market services into preferred brands.


Organizational culture

An often neglected element of a company is its corporate culture. In many companies and non-profit organizations, too little attention is paid to the essentials when putting together teams and selecting managers: soft skills – they should actually be called real skills. We use simple concepts and resources to help create a climate in which employees feel comfortable and are prepared to achieve extraordinary things.


Employer branding

Effective employer branding with charisma can be developed on the basis of a healthy corporate culture. By this we mean not only effective short-term measures to attract and retain talent, but also the long-term development of a strong and long-lasting employer brand. This combines elements of positioning, product branding and organizational culture.


Leadership sparring

As an expert consultant, coach and sparring partner, viceversa and its specialists support your team leaders, department heads and CEOs. When faced with extraordinary communication challenges and critical questions from the media and the public, we are available as consultants to boards of directors and foundation boards – with experience from complex communication problems in the healthcare sector and the Olympic sports movement.


Crisis communication

Whether it’s negligent action or a small lapse in communication, a crisis can quickly arise. The CEO usually steps into the ring to answer questions. We act as consultants and sparring partners to help you find the right words, choose the best communication channels and avoid reputational damage. With our experience from several Olympic delegations and demanding projects in the hospital sector, we support you in the careful preparation of your messages and your media appearances.


Communication training

Customized training courses and workshops for your teams: We train and educate your employees on the topics of marketing and communication strategy, positioning development, concept technology, writing effective presentations and project documentation. In educational institutions or in your company. So that they are even better equipped for their day-to-day work and for new projects.


Moderation and mediation

The use of experienced moderators or mediators often makes sense when dealing with challenging topics and discussion partners with controversial points of view. Managers, especially those responsible for communication, are often involved in the issue themselves. They should therefore not be at the center of a negotiation as a moderator. We carefully prepare critical management meetings, delegates’ meetings and board workshops and lead through challenging discussions in a friendly but clear manner.


Communication expertise

An outside perspective can often help when it comes to assessing marketing and communication performance and its impact. On behalf of boards of directors and management boards, we evaluate organizational structures, processes, strategies and concepts and show how these can be optimized.


How we work

We are not familiar with “off the cuff” measures; systematic thinking and action is our most important maxim. We provide realistic advice based on the latest communication science. We always go through the four classic phases of analysis, planning, implementation and monitoring. Depending on the task or scope of the project, these phases are given a different value and weighting.


We analyze and evaluate the current situation, initiate and moderate talks with the relevant customer stakeholders, evaluate the statements of the internal and external dialogue groups, draw appropriate conclusions and make specific recommendations. Together we put together the team that will be available for the conception and realization.


We launch short or extended workshops with you, our clients. Together, we draft the main features of the concepts, concretize the strategic approaches, design the cornerstones of their implementation, develop a timeline and calculate the budgets. In the end it will be YOUR concept, we inspire and accompany you in your work.


Promising concepts need to be concretized, implemented and enforced, otherwise they simply remain “fantastic” concepts. We work with you to review the available resources, set realistic implementation targets and support you and your internal and external specialists. And take over where gaps need to be closed.


They want and need to know about the impact of the strategy and concepts. For each project, we determine whether and in which direction work is being carried out efficiently and in line with the objectives. We attach great importance to the proportionality of the evaluation effort and to the perspective of whether further optimizations can be realized with the knowledge gained.

Strengthening your employees

Utilize the potential of your own teams

We believe that the marketing mindset can only be ignited from within. Effective and, above all, enforceable strategies are developed by committed team members, not by consultants. Either way, we are there for you: we inspire, accompany, moderate and coach your teams’ projects.

viceversa is your partner when it comes to successfully positioning organizations with high ambitions. With a focused view on the uniqueness of market performance and the core values of a company. Shaped by enthusiastic, committed and high-performing employees.

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