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How do I give a five-minute presentation? Give a four-minute presentation and take your time. Or give a six- or seven-minute presentation in five minutes. Hurry up. Be excited. Exceeding the time. Being unprofessional. No, you’d better stick to the four-minute method. The problem is...
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In the dynamic world of most markets, it is essential for companies to have a team on board that is not only competent, but also characterized by commitment and creativity. Developing a high-performing marketing team is a strategic process that requires managers to be...
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On the market since 2009, the book Integrierte Kommunikation describes strategies, structures and processes of integrated communication. The book focuses on both the external and internal stakeholders of an organization. Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there...
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Im Labyrinth der Kommunikation liegt die Herausforderung, den Weg von der gedanklichen Tiefe einer Vision bis hin zur alltäglichen Umsetzung und Integration in die Unternehmenskultur zu finden. Konrad Lorenz, ein Pionier der modernen Verhaltensforschung, hat diesen komplexen Prozess in einem einzigen Satz zusammengefasst, der eine...
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Discover your niche: Why the smallest possible target group will revolutionize your communication The marketing world is all about target groups and niches – but how small does your niche really need to be to be effective? We shed light on the power of the...
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